There is new information on delicious yakitori shops that can be reserved

Izakaya in Hirano Ward offers not only yakitori but also draft beer that is perfect for yakitori at a friendly price. You can also enjoy a variety of other sake, and it is popular among customers who use it for entertainment and farewell parties, and boasts a high repeat rate since the start of business.
Yakitori-shi in Osaka city offers a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy a date and a dinner party in a private space. We will post new information about the store from time to time, so please check it when you visit.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka city is popular as a restaurant that can be used for farewell parties, entertainment, dates and dinner parties. All menus are offered at a friendly price that you can be satisfied with, and not only for yakitori, but also for draft brews that are perfect for cooking. We also have a friendly signboard menu of oyakodon, which is a recommended signboard menu, and we are glad to hear that “they are yakitori and the oyakodon is delicious”.
Yakitori-ya near the station in Osaka city is confident in the quality of the service, and will deliver the food to your table quickly after receiving your order. A homely atmosphere spreads out and you can enjoy your meal while spending a relaxing time in your private space.