Enjoy cheap and delicious yakitori with draft beer

Yakitori Shi, an izakaya in Hirano Ward, is a popular local restaurant that offers not only yakitori menu but also drinks such as draft beer at reasonable prices. It is ideal for spending a relaxing time at a business trip, a welcome party, a date or a dinner party.
There is an abundant menu of yakitori restaurants near the station in Osaka city, and not only yakitori, but also oyakodon featuring high quality taste. Reservations are prioritized, so please make a reservation as soon as possible by phone.

Soft drink
Yakitori-ya near the station in Osaka city offers delicious yakitori at a reasonable price, and you can enjoy beer matching with yakitori at reasonable prices. It is ideal for a variety of situations, such as dates, a little dinner party with friends, entertainment at the end of work, and celebrations such as welcome and farewell parties. We are committed to the details of the interior and always strive to create a private space that is at home, so you can spend a relaxing time while enjoying your meal.
The delicious yakitori restaurant near the station in Osaka city is a popular area that is well-reserved and has a lot of reservations, and some customers come back frequently. In the word of mouth, we have received a pleasant voice such as “The clerk's response is quick” and we have a good reputation for the quality of the service, so please contact us first.