Hirano Izakaya accepts reservations from the opening hours

The reason why Izakaya and Yakitori Zhi, which is open in the plain, boasts a higher repeat rate than local residents, is because they always serve customers with good quality and entertain customers with a smile. The staff has a good reputation for quick response, and delicious dishes are smoothly brought to the table so as not to make hungry customers wait.
The store owner will be in the store after noon for preparation, so if you want to eat yakitori, please make a reservation by phone even before the start of business.

Hirano Izakaya can be enjoyed by repeat customers

Many customers are saying that restaurants that offer freshly prepared ingredients and carefully prepared dishes one by one are not only delicious but also cheap. There are a lot of fried dishes such as grilled chicken such as green onions and bonjiri and tsukune that are easy to eat as a whole, as well as deep-fried mountain potatoes and fried cartilage, making it an ideal place for families to eat.
We have prepared a daily menu according to the store owner's commitment, and you can enjoy a meal with a fresh feeling no matter how many times you visit, so we received many happy words from customers who came again We are Cost performance is very high and you can fill your stomach at a reasonable price, so if you live nearby and are looking for a community-based restaurant, you can use it for banquets and farewell parties Please come to a store with a good atmosphere.

Hirano Izakaya also supports take-away of yakitori

Restaurants that have a take-away menu of yakitori such as bonjiri, sashiri, and sand sushi are more popular than customers living in the surrounding area because they are easy to go to the station repeatedly. If you want to eat high-quality yakitori at home, you can use it without hesitation.
In addition to yakitori, the take-out menu also has a lot of vegetables such as onions, eringi, and shiitake mushrooms. Shops that strive to create a cozy space at home are naturally welcomed to eat and drink in the store, so if you want to eat before drafting fresh chicken with cold beer and highball, Please feel free to visit us after you have reserved your seat by phone.

Hirano Izakaya is popular with a wide range of customers regardless of age or gender

Izakaya Yakitori-shi in the plain is a popular choice for dining and entertainment, as well as for dining and entertainment for families. You can eat delicious yakitori and fried foods at a reasonable price, so it's perfect for those who want to enjoy eating out easily. Yakitori, which is small and easy to eat even for women, is carefully baked one by one, and its moderately burnt appearance is appetizing.
The juicy and soft texture is very popular regardless of age, from small children to elderly customers, and the store is crowded with many repeaters every day. In addition, restaurants that try to be close to the community also offer charter services, so if you want to spend irreplaceable moments with important friends, such as company farewell parties, please call us Please ask our friendly staff.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to rent a plain izakaya

We have a wide variety of alcoholic drinks that match delicious yakitori, such as draft beer, Chuhai, and Oolong High. Of course, there is also an extensive menu of meals, including yakitori carefully baked one at a time, as well as mountain potatoes, fried cartilage, jagua butter and tomato slices that are appreciated by small children at a friendly price. I can do it.
In addition, we put emphasis on salmon, and among them, oyakodon is an exquisite dish where you can enjoy the harmoniousness of melted eggs and stocked chicken, and it has been highly evaluated by many customers as "cheap and delicious." The store is also available for private use, and can be enjoyed for various purposes such as company farewell parties and entertainment, and parties for large groups. We will provide you with a speedy and high-quality customer service, so please call us when you have decided the date you want to use.

Please refer to the access information.


Store name

Yakitori Zhi

Street address

5-6-27 Back Door, Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

phone number
business hours

17:00 〜 23:00

Regular holiday



藤本 隆志


Izakaya and Yakitori Shi in the plain boasts a high repeat rate due to good access near the station. Yakitori such as Tsukune, Bonjiri and Negima are available at a friendly price, so you can stop by when you are hungry. In addition to yakitori, there are many drink menus such as draft beer and oolong tea, so please come with your family, friends or loved ones.