Taverns in the plain have a reputation for being "cheap and delicious"

If you are looking for an izakaya in the plains, please come to Yakitori Shi, who is highly rated in the word “cheap and delicious”. Of course, there are many customers who use for company farewell parties and banquets as well as meals with family and friends.
One of the reasons that many of our customers have praised the word of mouth is to speed up the response so that they will not wait for a long time. We will give priority to customers who make a reservation by phone, so please feel free to contact us anytime.

Hirano Izakaya Yakitori Shi is a popular restaurant with many repeaters

The reason why restaurants that offer yakitori prepared with delicious chicken made by carefully selected by the store owner have been highly rated in reviews from customers who have come so far is not limited to yakitori. Is offered at a friendly price. There is a standard yakitori menu such as Momo, Negima and Bonjiri, as well as a lot of fried foods such as mountain potatoes and fried chicken, so it should be enjoyed by customers of a wide range of ages.
In addition, restaurants that boast a community-based sales and have a higher repeat rate than local residents are not only enjoying new things, but also trying not to bore repeat customers The For example, by preparing a daily menu, it is possible to expand expectations such as “what will be today”. The shop is open from late afternoon until late at night, so feel free to drop by if you want to relieve the fatigue of your return home.

Would you like to enjoy your meal with your important friends at the pub in Hirano?

Restaurants that have earned the trust of local residents have good access, just a few minutes on foot from the nearest station, so you can stop by when you go home or go out. Yakitori made with fresh chicken can be eaten from 100 yen each, and it is highly rated by reviews that it can be used easily when the stomach is hungry.
It is a home that has a warm atmosphere at home, and it is a perfect location for enjoying a meal with a lover who is important for closing a date, as well as for a large number of banquets and farewell parties. I can say that. Draft beer, oolong high, highball, etc. that you can drink with the owner's pride of negima, bonjiri, and tsukune yakitori are exceptional. If you have it, please make a reservation on the date and time you like by phone, and then visit.

Hirano Izakaya is often selected as a place to entertain

Yakitori Shi, an izakaya just a short walk from Hirano Station, has been chosen by many salaried workers as a place to entertain, in addition to offering a higher-class juicy yakitori at a friendly price, and a cozy store Because we are particular about making. In addition to the standard yakitori menu such as onion, bonjiri and shiso-maki, we have a wide variety of dishes such as onions, eringi and shiitake mushrooms that can be enjoyed by health-conscious customers, as well as a variety of dishes such as mountain potatoes and deep-fried cartilage. So you should be satisfied with your business.
Business hours are after the evening, but since the shopkeeper has begun to prepare at the shop after noon, you can make a reservation by phone before business hours. If you have seats available, we can guide you even if you make a reservation on the day, so please contact us if you want to build a good relationship with our business partners through delicious meals.

Access information to Izakaya in Hirano Ward

The izakaya in Hirano Ward offers yakitori as well as draft beer at a friendly price, so it is said that it is "ideal when you want to enjoy a cheap meal". Therefore, many customers use it repeatedly, and it is also popular as a store where you can visit for dates with important people or for girls. In addition, you can use it for various celebrations, such as a welcome party at the workplace, as well as entertaining, etc. We also accept reservations inside the store at the time of reservation, so please contact us as soon as possible.
One of the features of Yakitori-ya in Osaka city is the quick response of the store clerk, and since the dishes are brought to the table immediately after ordering, they have a good reputation for the quality of service. Access information is posted on the website, so please check it before you visit.

Izakaya in Hirano Ward accepts charter

There are many people who use for entertainment.

Yakitori Shi, an izakaya in Hirano Ward, is a shop that records high repeat rates that offer delicious yakitori at a friendly price that customers can be satisfied with. In order to make customers feel at home, we are always committed to creating a space in the store, and you can enjoy your meal in a cozy atmosphere.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka is open with preferential information from those who have made advance reservations. If you would like to use it for entertainment or a welcome party, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Please refer to the access information.


Store name

Yakitori Zhi

Street address

5-6-27 Back Door, Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

phone number
business hours

17:00 〜 23:00

Regular holiday



藤本 隆志


Izakaya and Yakitori Shi in the plain boasts a high repeat rate due to good access near the station. Yakitori such as Tsukune, Bonjiri and Negima are available at a friendly price, so you can stop by when you are hungry. In addition to yakitori, there are many drink menus such as draft beer and oolong tea, so please come with your family, friends or loved ones.