It is a community-based shop that sells high repeat rates from customers

Yakitori Shi, an izakaya located within walking distance from Hirano Station, offers a full range of menus, from yakitori to draft beer. Since it is a community-based type and boasts a high repeat rate, the store clerk always tries to respond quickly, so please use it with your family and friends.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka is not only a place where you can enjoy yakitori with high-quality taste, but you can also enjoy the oyakodon that has been made with effort. There is also an in-store charter service that is ideal for entertaining and farewell parties, so please come to the store once.

Izakaya near Hirano Station provides service at a friendly price

Izakaya in Hirano Ward always considers our customers first and features an abundant number of menus, but offers all items at a friendly price. The store clerk's service is well-received in word of mouth, and we are always trying to bring you food quickly after receiving your order. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a date with important people in a cozy space, you can enjoy yakitori of high quality at any time.
In addition, we received many pleasant comments such as “Draft beer is cheap” and “Oyakodon are delicious”, and some people come to enjoy the Oyakodon. Reservations are preferential for yakitori restaurants in Osaka city, so if you can contact us in advance even if you have a farewell party or entertainment, we will arrange it immediately, so please consider Yakitori Zhi for drinking parties at the company .

Access information to Izakaya in Hirano Ward

The izakaya in Hirano Ward offers yakitori as well as draft beer at a friendly price, so it is said that it is "ideal when you want to enjoy a cheap meal". Therefore, many customers use it repeatedly, and it is also popular as a store where you can visit for dates with important people or for girls. In addition, you can use it for various celebrations, such as a welcome party at the workplace, as well as entertaining, etc. We also accept reservations inside the store at the time of reservation, so please contact us as soon as possible.
One of the features of Yakitori-ya in Osaka city is the quick response of the store clerk, and since the dishes are brought to the table immediately after ordering, they have a good reputation for the quality of service. Access information is posted on the website, so please check it before you visit.

Izakaya in Hirano Ward offers a wide variety of yakitori

Although Yakitori-ya in Osaka city offers high-quality yakitori, you can enjoy all menus at a friendly price, so it boasts a high repeat rate. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as dating with loved ones, dinners with friends, and banquets and farewell parties such as farewell parties. Some customers say that it is convenient near the station, and it is a popular store from local customers.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka City offers a recommended menu of oyakodon, where you can enjoy a gentle taste while sipping your heartbeat. People who like to drink are also well-established, and you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes while drinking draft beer and a variety of liquors at an affordable price.

Izakaya in Hirano Ward is reputed for its cheap yakitori and draft beer

A community-based yakitori restaurant in Osaka city offers draft beer at a friendly price, and you can enjoy a variety of other sakes. Please enjoy the fine yakitori carefully baked in the main store while drinking alcohol, and the Oyakodon that was particular about creating a gentle taste. There is always no need to create an in-store atmosphere, and it is ideal for dating with loved ones and dining with friends in a cozy space.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka is known for its abundant number of menus, all of which are reasonably priced. There is also an in-store charter service, and if you contact us in advance, such as a welcome party and entertainment at the workplace, use by a large number of people, etc., the clerk will arrange the seats quickly so we can arrange a yakitori restaurant If you are looking for, please contact us by phone.

Izakaya in Hirano Ward has a daily blog post

Yakitori-ya in Osaka city is very convenient near the station and can be reserved for in-store reservations. There are many customers who use the in-store charter service for holding farewell parties, entertainment, and other celebrations. Also, of course, you can enjoy the date with your loved ones, dinner with friends, family members with children without hesitation.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka city has a wide selection of yakitori that are carefully baked one by one in the store and offer them at a friendly price. In addition, many customers are also saying “delicious” as one of the recommended menus, and some of them also come to visit their families. The updated blog contains photos of the dishes and the inside of the store, so please take a look.