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Izakaya Yakitori Shi in Hirano is open from late afternoon until late at night, and it is highly recommended because you can easily stop by on the way home from work. We offer not only yakitori, but also a variety of dishes that are suitable for liquor such as chilled fish, jagua butter and kimchi at a friendly price.
The blog introduces daily events and the atmosphere in the store. We have updated the website with information such as adding photos as much as possible so that we can provide useful information for our customers.
  • ロゴ

    Regular holiday in October 🐔 Hirano Yakitor...

    Oisuu ~ It's getting cooler in the morning and evening ☀️ The heat still remains during the day, so be careful of heat stroke (^ ^) It's calming ...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori will be closed

    🐔   The rainy season has started Not the rainy season like in the past You will get off suddenly ☔️   The rainy season and coronavirus Y...
  • ロゴ

    Business hours are shortened ⚠️

    Due to new coronavirus measures Business hours are shortened. Business hours → 17:00 to 20:00 Serving alcohol until 19:00 It has bee...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori Valentine in the plain

    Oops The strange weather continues. Please be careful about your physical condition Rather, tomorrow's a long-awaited Valentine💗🍫 Ch...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori in the plains

    Oops! January has ended and February has started. Are you okay with the corona and the hospital? Let's aim for health with yakitori with beer...
  • ロゴ

    How about yakitori in the plain? ㊗️

    Happy New Year⛩🌅🎍🐔 We will do our best this year, so thank you for your patronage! ! Finally, it has become cold like winter, so please pa...
  • ロゴ

    Christmas Eve tomorrow

    It's Christmas Eve tomorrow ~ What is your plan? Yakitori will eat and drink in-store 24 and 25 days respectively Limited to the fir...
  • ロゴ

    M-1 Grand Prix🤣

    Good evening! ! It's a little cold with rain from the evening. Today is the M-1 Grand Prix! While eating yakitori Would you like to come...
  • ロゴ

    Hirano Yakitorishi New Year Information🐔

    Wise ぅ It ’s been a month this year too. The cold has become more serious 🥶 Please be careful about your body 👾 New year is open from 1s...
  • ロゴ

    Cheap and delicious Yakitori-shi December h...

    Wise This is the end of this year in another month! Let's take care of the physical condition as the cold has become serious 🏣 Let's make hea...
  • ロゴ

    Watching baseball while eating yakitori in ...

    Wise! It ’s getting chilly, Let's get excited with alcohol, yakitori and baseball today 🐔⚾️🍺 There is also a take-away, so we will support yo...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori-don take-out bowl in the plain

    Wise! ! It's getting colder in the morning and evening Manage your physical condition with yakitori and sake! Lol Today and tomorrow are rugb...
  • ロゴ

    It ’s getting a little chilly recently. Rugby defeated Japan South Africa confronts Wales! ! South Africa with yakitori and sake Let...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori while watching rugby in the plain

    Wise It's getting chilly recently The store manager is still working hard with short sleeves and shorts! By the way, today is the best 4 game...
  • ロゴ

    Watching rugby while eating yakitori

    Oi Rugby bowl today Japan vs Samoa ~ While eating yakitori Let's support together 🔥📣 Take home and support at home ⭕️ Japan na...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori-shi's regular holiday in October

    The regular holiday in October 7th (Mon) 19th (Sat) 21st Monday 28th Monday is! Severe heat Hot days continue Let's get we...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori Takeaway

    Hello! Three consecutive holidays are raining due to the typhoon ... When this happens, take a yakitori and take it home. If you can call, yo...
  • ロゴ

    Yakitori Zhi September regular holiday

    The regular holiday in September 17th (Tue) 24th (Tue) 30th (Tue) is! Basic Monday is a regular holiday, Open on Mondays on public h...
  • ロゴ

    Hello ~ The hot days are over and the hot days are going on I want to go to the end of my work on such a day. Small drinks are welcome! ...
  • ロゴ

    We accept reservations for banquets😊

    If you have a banquet in the plain, please! ! All you can drink for 2 hours 1500 yen (LO 1 hour 45 minutes) I need a consultation You can...
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If you want to eat soft and juicy yakitori that has been carefully baked over charcoal, please come to a restaurant that has a good location just a few minutes walk from the nearest station. We offer a kind price starting from 100 yen, so it is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy fresh and delicious yakitori until they are full.
There are plenty of soft drinks such as oolong tea, cola, and orange juice as well as alcoholic drinks such as draft beer, highball, oolong high, etc. that match yakitori, so even young children can come to the store without hesitation. The restaurant, which has a good reputation for good customer service and quick response, has received high acclaim for word-of-mouth communication. The If you do not mind, please read it once and consider visiting.