You can enjoy as many draft beers as you like at a tavern in the plain

There are many salaried workers who stop by for a drink on the way home from the pub, Yakitori Zhi, which is open in the plain, offers not only yakitori but also alcoholic beverages such as draft beer, highballs and oolong high. From the desire that customers who are showing off at work to relax to the fullest, we will treat you with high-quality customer service.
Please thoroughly enjoy yakitori carefully baked one by one using carefully selected materials and sake that blows away fatigue.
Yakitori Shi Characteristics

Please contact us if you would like to hold a farewell farewell party for a plain tavern.

If you want to enjoy yakitori together with delicious beer, please come to a restaurant that has been in operation since its establishment. Yakitori alone has a wide selection of bonji, negima and peaches, and there are also a variety of deep-fried dishes and dishes, so you should be able to enjoy a meal with friends of different tastes.
Of course, alcoholic beverages such as draft beer, Chuhai, and highball, and soft drinks such as oolong tea, orange juice, and cola are also available at a friendly price. In addition, we offer flexible services for workplace welfare parties, entertainment, and use by a large number of people, and if there is a request from the customer, we will also carry out private sales in the store, etc. We are We will guide you from the reserved customers one by one, so please feel free to call us when the date you want to rent a store is confirmed.

Please enjoy the taste of a variety of yakitori at a tavern in the plain

The restaurant, which is particular about local sales, offers a wide variety of yakitori that are popular with customers of all ages regardless of gender. You can eat high quality yakitori such as green onions, bonjiri, cartilage, etc. at a kind price of 100 yen each, so you can dare to eat yakitori that you don't usually like and compare various types It is highly recommended for those who want to.
In addition, it has a crispy texture, and it is very popular with small children and female customers who can enjoy deep-fried cartilage that won't stop when it starts to eat and chicken that has a dashi stock on a mellow fluffy egg. I have you. Each and every meal is cooked lovingly, and freshly-prepared staff will take you to the table with a quick response, so you can relax as long as you have time in the cozy shop at home. Please relax.

Izakaya in Hirano Ward offers a wide variety of yakitori

Although Yakitori-ya in Osaka city offers high-quality yakitori, you can enjoy all menus at a friendly price, so it boasts a high repeat rate. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as dating with loved ones, dinners with friends, and banquets and farewell parties such as farewell parties. Some customers say that it is convenient near the station, and it is a popular store from local customers.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka City offers a recommended menu of oyakodon, where you can enjoy a gentle taste while sipping your heartbeat. People who like to drink are also well-established, and you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes while drinking draft beer and a variety of liquors at an affordable price.

Izakaya in Hirano Ward is reputed for its cheap yakitori and draft beer

A community-based yakitori restaurant in Osaka city offers draft beer at a friendly price, and you can enjoy a variety of other sakes. Please enjoy the fine yakitori carefully baked in the main store while drinking alcohol, and the Oyakodon that was particular about creating a gentle taste. There is always no need to create an in-store atmosphere, making it ideal for dating with loved ones and dining with friends in a cozy space.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka is known for its abundant number of menus, all of which are reasonably priced. There is also an in-store charter service, and if you contact us in advance, such as a welcome party and entertainment at the workplace, use by a large number of people, etc., the clerk will quickly arrange seats, so please use Yakitori shop If you are looking for, please contact us by phone.

Izakaya in Hirano Ward accepts charter

There are many people who use for entertainment.

Yakitori Shi, an izakaya in Hirano Ward, is a shop that records high repeat rates that offer delicious yakitori at a friendly price that customers can be satisfied with. In order to make customers feel at home, we are always committed to creating a space in the store, and you can enjoy your meal in a cozy atmosphere.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka is open with preferential information from those who have made advance reservations. If you would like to use it for entertainment or a welcome party, please feel free to contact us at any time.