Izakaya in Hirano Ward accepts charter

There are many people who use for entertainment.

Yakitori Shi, an izakaya in Hirano Ward, is a shop that records high repeat rates that offer delicious yakitori at a friendly price that customers can be satisfied with. In order to make customers feel at home, we are always committed to creating a space in the store, and you can enjoy your meal in a cozy atmosphere.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka is open with preferential information from those who have made advance reservations. If you would like to use it for entertainment or a welcome party, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Hirano-ku Izakaya offers a variety of menus

You can choose from an abundant menu


All menus are available at a friendly price

We also have plenty of liquor


We are actively updating new information from time to time.

We send new information about the use at any time


Please refer to the access information.


Store name

Yakitori Zhi

Street address

5-6-27 Back Door, Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

phone number
business hours

17:00 〜 23:00

Regular holiday



藤本 隆志


Izakaya and Yakitori Shi in the plain boasts a high repeat rate due to good access near the station. Yakitori such as Tsukune, Bonjiri and Negima are available at a friendly price, so you can stop by when you are hungry. In addition to yakitori, there are many drink menus such as draft beer and oolong tea, so please come with your family, friends or loved ones.

About us

Oyakodon is recommended for pubs in Hirano Ward

Izakaya in Hirano Ward accepts private reservations at farewell parties, etc.

Yakitori-ya in Osaka city is committed to providing high quality yakitori, as well as creating an in-store atmosphere, and is always a cozy space. There are many people who use it for a date in a nice space, or for celebrations at entertainment and farewell parties. It has recorded a high repeat rate since the start of business, is a community-based shop that is popular with a wide range of customers, and is also very convenient because it is close to the station.
Yakitori-ya in Osaka Prefecture has a good reputation not only for yakitori but also for the gentle taste of oyakodon, and many customers have said that it is delicious. For those who want to enjoy drinking while enjoying a meal, draft beer is also offered at a low price, making it ideal for excitement and farewell parties and entertainment. All menus are offered at a convincing friendly price, and Yakitori is also available from ¥ 100 or ¥ 150 depending on the type. If you ask us before you visit the store, the staff will arrange for you quickly, so if you want to enjoy high quality food at an affordable price, please contact us.

Izakaya within walking distance from Hirano Station gives priority to reservations

The community-based Yakitori shop near the station in Osaka city offers many delicious yakitori that are carefully baked on a single charcoal fire at a low price, so there are many customers who use it repeatedly. . It is perfect for a date with a loved one or a small group of people, so you can spend a relaxing time in a cozy space. In addition, you can rent out in the store, and if you ask us in advance about the use of farewell party and entertainment in the workplace, please be assured that the clerk will arrange quickly.
Yakitori-ya near the station in Osaka city is cooking carefully every day so that not only the quality of yakitori but also the oyakodon with a gentle taste can be enjoyed by more customers. . People who have actually enjoyed it have received a happy voice saying “delicious”, and it is possible to visit them for the sake of parenthood. In addition, for those who like to drink, draft beer is also offered at a low price, so you can enjoy high-quality cuisine while drinking happily.